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Proudly Australian made and

owned for over 50 years


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We custom engrave onto your supplied car or bike parts, or can manufacture a flat plate of our own to suit your style.  We can add text or logos and give it the one of a kind look.


Examples below:


The Ford side step was engraved out of 5mm stainless steel, painted, then polished for a 1932 Ford Hot Rod


We have customised Air Cleaners. Engine Covers and Brake Calipers.  And we have made various custom badges.


Need signage on a work vehicle?  We can do that too.





custom floor plate- stainless

air cleaner cover

air cleaner cover engraved

custom car parts

air cleaner engraved




air box plate engraved

engine cover engraved

rocker cover engraved




custom car part

hub cap engraved

brake calliper engraved

exhaust pipes engraved

custom car parts




hub cap

custom car badge

car badge custom made

car badge




custom car badge

front grill engraved

custom car plate

car badge




vinyl car wrapping

car signage

truck signage

custom car plate