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Proudly Australian made and

owned for over 50 years



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Engraving into stainless steel is our specialty.  Generally we use 316 grade of stainless steel.  This grade weathers extremely well, even in a marine environment.


We recommend to engrave into the stainless steel and paint fill the lettering.  Its been proven to last a very long time.


From small tags and labels, with holes or self adhesive....




To larger plates... including braille signage


stainless steel braille sign


We can even make them up to full sheet size of 1200 x 2400mm....


We can manufacture the plates in shapes or with cut outs like switch plates...


And cut out letters from stainless steel....


Laser etching


We can laser etch onto stainless also.  Its almost like a print on the surface of the steel.  


Please see the fourth image below as a comparison between the lasering etching and engraving into the steel.  Note that the engraving comes out darker.




Powder Coating


Stainless steel comes in a natural silver colour only.  Some customers request their stainless plates to have a different coloured background.  We outsource powder coating for this process.  Usually we engrave the plates first, then have them powder coated, and finish off the rest of the paint filling aftewards.