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Proudly Australian made and

owned for over 50 years


Memorial Plaques

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Whether it be for an urn, or just a rememberance plaque for your wall or garden, we can help.

The better resolution the photo the better the image will come out on the anodised aluminium.  We can cater to your size requirements, or can supply a generic size.


Plaques can be made from anodised aluminium, glass or even a mirror. 


The mirror is still effective as a mirror, but also doubles as a memorial plaque.




memorial plaque

outdoor plaque

plaque with photo

gold aluminium plaque


Plaques can be made without photos also, in a variety of materials in all types of sizes.  



brass plaque engraved

Pet Plaques


We also cater for the loss of your pet.


Great for underneath a tree, on an urn or even on your wall.


These can also be made from glass or mirrors if preferred.

pet memorial plaque

black anodised aluminium plaque

plaque with photo